01. The role of EAD in international exchanges

In this video, we dive into the inner workings of the GPM and the key role played by EAD in enhancing international exchanges.


This video demonstrates the efficiency of the GPM in managing customs information and reducing processing times and illustrates the essential role of EAD in the modern supply chain.

It also provides a detailed account of how information technologies are transforming postal and customs services globally.

Time: 4:47 - Language: English - Subtitles: Multilingual

Further details

Customs declarations are transmitted electronically between origin and destination postal operators via electronic data interchange (EDI) messages, including ITMATT messages, which correspond to the CN 23 customs declaration form. Customs forms contain vital information about exported goods, including their description, weight and value.

Learn how Posts capture and transmit this information through mobile apps, embedded web pages and other user interfaces. Once received, declarations enable customs authorities to conduct risk assessments and goods valuations and to calculate any import taxes and customs duties due. Decisions are made and communicated electronically, thereby streamlining the clearance process.