Winter 2022/Spring 2023

This edition of UNION POSTALE pays tribute to the UPU’s efforts to drive momentum on climate action via the postal sector.

As you well know, the UPU and its members committed to take action on greening the postal sector through a resolution passed during the 2021 Universal Postal Congress in Abidjan. Our cover story recounts how the organization’s 2022 World Post Day campaign continued the discussion on this front, raising awareness among a wide range of stakeholders regarding the post’s role in the fight against climate change.

As part of this feature, you will see motivating messages from the UN Secretary General and UPU Director General on this very topic. But perhaps more moving is the plea of our young 2022 International Letter-Writing Competition winner. I urge you to give it a read – it inspires immense hope for the next generation, who are already leading climate action across the globe.

You may notice we have slightly adjusted the format of our magazine, rearranging its sections to better align with the pillars of our Abidjan World Postal Strategy. Our “UPU Forum” section features news from recent UPU events that have brought diverse voices around one table to make sector-wide progress. “UPU Technical Solutions” takes into account how UPU products and services are driving development, interconnection and innovation across the sector. The “UPU Knowledge Centre” section focuses on our latest research.

In addition to these pillars, our new “Speakers Corner” gives you even more feedback from key players in the sector and beyond, highlighting our recent interviews on Voice Mail and our other multimedia channels.
Winter 2022/Spring 2023