Consultative Committee – Sponsorship opportunities

Members of the Consultative Committee (CC) are entitled to sponsorship opportunities during the Postal Operations Council (POC) and Council of Administration (CA) sessions and at the various annual international postal sector events in which the UPU participates.

1) POC/CA Sessions

Twice a year, the CC participates in the POC/CA sessions, where it can increase the visibility of its members. During these sessions, CC members have the opportunity to sponsor beverage and snack services, as well as receptions.

Stands/breakfast meetings/coffee breaks

CC members can set out a customized stand (with their logo/business cards and other promotional materials, etc.) in the lobby in front of the Heinrich von Stephan Hall (main conference room), where they can sponsor coffee breaks and distribute fresh juices or snacks to session participants. 

Note. – While CC members are free to bring along their own promotional material, they are requested to refrain from using the UPU logo in any promotional/branding material. Any mention of the partnership with the UPU should be: “Member of the UPU CC/Member of the UPU Consultative Committee”.

1.Soft drinks: 3,800 CHF a day

2. Sweet pastries: 2,925 CHF a day

3.  Fruit: 1,700 CHF a day

4. Coffee: 1,200 CHF a day 


CC members can sponsor the traditional CC reception, held on the Thursday evening of the CA plenary session. It is an occasion for member countries and wider postal sector players (WPSPs) to get together to celebrate their belonging to the UPU community. The reception also provides a moment of relaxation after the sessions – with a delicious buffet, celebratory beverages and music (for the convenience of CC members, a jazz band can be arranged by the CC secretariat).

Please note that CC members can sponsor receptions on any evening of the POC/CA sessions; however, since the CC reception can be hosted by only one CC member, the CC secretariat will give priority to CC members that are making a request for this spot on a first-come-first-served basis.

For inquiries and invoicing details, please get in touch with the CC secretariat. To ensure that CC members are provided with the best sponsorship experience, we recommend that members make sponsorship requests at least one month in advance of the sessions.  

DDG's toast during S4's CC reception.

Speech of Mongol Infinity Post's CEO, Fyeodor Ganbaatar, who sponsored the S4 reception.

Mongol Infinity Post LLC with CC Chair and CC Secretariat.



The Consultative Committee Reception in S4 (October/November 2023 sessions) was sponsored by Mongol Infinity Post LLC.

Please note that (prospective and existing) members that have not paid their membership fees are not eligible for sponsorship opportunities during the year their membership was not paid.

2) Annual Events in the International Postal Sector

CC members can also sponsor events organized in various countries throughout the year by the designated operators, ministries in charge of posts, and regulators of UPU member countries. 

Usually, the CC can provide discounts on sponsorship packages for these events. For more information, please contact the CC Vice-Chair, Mr Santosh Gopal, directly (with the CC secretariat in copy).  


Santosh Gopal – CC Vice-Chair 

( in copy)