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PPS*Clearing is a system which secures and facilitates settlement between designated postal operators exchanging postal payment services by electronic means in the same network.

PPS*Clearing is a centralized clearing and settlement system which prevents a multiplication of settlement agreements and periodic payments.

PPS*Clearing generates bilateral invoices, consolidates them and calculates net positions for each designated operator. The clearinghouse receives payments from net debtors and pays net creditors on a weekly basis.

  • PPS*Clearing Brochure
    Learn more about the postal payments clearing and settlement system.

PPS eCompendium

The electronic Compendium (PPS eCompendium) is a system developed to centralize and facilitate the exchange of DOs postal payment services and countries related information.

Facilitating DOs bi- and multilateral relations and opening of corridors.

To use PPS eCompendium only an internet connection is necessary.

FEIS - Financial electronic inquiry system

The Financial electronic inquiry system (FEIS) is a system developed to centralize, secure and facilitate the exchange of postal payment services related information between designated postal operators.

Even though FEIS was developed to mainly exchange PPS customer related information, such as inquiries and claims, it also enables the secure exchange of any other type of document.

FEIS is a system agnostic, meaning that it is not connected directly to a designated operator's system, IFS, or other, used for the processing of PPS. FEIS recovers information either from its own database, or from the UPU Interconnection platform to facilitate and reduce manual in keying of information.

To use FEIS only an internet connection is necessary. This enables the DO to either centralize the use of FEIS, call centre or customer care centre to grant access to its post offices directly and a mix of both.