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LibanPost’s digital journey: Serving customers with an  effective e-commerce strategy

To surf the booming E-commerce wave, LibanPost chose to transform its traditional way of doing business. The company adapted both its physical infrastructures (distribution centres, letter carriers, etc.) and its digital processes. On the order processing end, similar to other countries, the flow of incoming parcels from China has grown by 150% over the past four years.

Parcel lockers can contribute to the fight for a sustainable future

Parcel lockers are gaining increasing popularity with customers, but they can also help protect the environment and promote sustainability across the international postal network. Two months ago, Croatian Post opened a new distribution channel and installed 70 out of 300 parcel lockers planned for the end of next year. 

It has been an honour to lead the Universal Postal Union (UPU) through some of the most tumultuous years of the UN specialized agency’s history. I am particularly pleased that my last Universal Postal Congress as the UPU Director General is in Africa and celebrates the region’s advances in postal development.

For the planet and the economy: Electric postal fleets in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatian Post Mostar's postal vehicle fleet has been expanded with ten new electric mopeds helping postal workers to deliver mail in seven cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The true cost of the last mile

Tally up the number of things you bought online in the last week? Pre-lockdown it might have been a few online deliveries, the odd supermarket shop and maybe a cheeky takeaway on a Saturday night.

Businesses across all segments of the global economy are continually innovating their products and services to remain relevant in a world where clients are increasingly digital, hyper connected, information-rich, and able to source globally