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Notification of issues and exchange between designated operators

The notification system for stamp issues and exchange between designated operators is regulated by article 06-002 of the Convention Regulations, which provides that each new issue of postage stamps shall be notified by the designated operator concerned to all other designated operators through the intermediary of the International Bureau. The stamps exchanged in this way are listed in the bulletin entitled “Postage stamps – Information and distribution”, which is available below.

This activity aims to combat illegal issues and strengthen cooperation between designated operators in terms of advances in technology and marketing. It also contributes to the promotion of philately on a broader level.


  • 5/22/2020
    Article 06-002 of the Convention Manual regulating the notification of emissions and exchange between designated operators
  • 5/22/2020

    Form accompanying postage stamps sent by designated operators to the International Bureau. Please use this form only for the list of postage stamps intended for exchange and not for the WNS.

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