IFS Mobile app - International Financial System

Postal payments management mobile solution for postal staff

Android application for secure and reliable international and domestic postal payment operations through IFS.

The IFS Mobile app is an Android application for mobile devices that enables designated operators to:

Issue postal payments

Issue new international and domestic postal payments


Pay international and domestic postal payments, including international payments from external partners


Reimburse international and domestic postal payments

Track and trace

Track and trace international and domestic postal payments


Generate reports

Generate daily reports

Produce SMS receipts

Produce SMS receipts to send to customers

Postal staff can securely access IFS services on their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), through the use of the PTC Enroll app to obtain a client certificate, which the IFS Mobile app uses to secure the communications with the IFS API.

Main functionalities

Domestic or international postal payment operations (issue, pay, reimburse and track):

  • Consult list of agreements and requirements defined by the local PosTransfer operator to determine and validate the information to be collected
  • Automatically calculate the costs and verify the services offered by the PosTransfer operator (possible destinations, fees and exchange rates)
  • Retrieve registered customer information thanks to customer identifier
  • Trigger sending of SMS receipts

Global daily report function:

  • Summarize domestic and international daily operations on the device with cash-in and cash-out results

Built-in additional functions:

  • change password to keep IFS credentials up to date with safe password rules


  • Simple IT equipment for remote post offices or mobile postal staff
  • Mobile postal staff able to capture operations without delays or errors

IFS Mobile App deployment

The IFS Mobile app is available as a free extension of IFS Cloud and is available with every IFS Cloud instance. 

The additional IFS Mobile Test app is available from the Google Play Store to run test campaigns and conduct staff training.


General terms and conditions

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How to get started?

Designated operators can contact PTC to request a demonstration of the IFS Mobile app or to get test credentials and an enrollment manager account for a full IFS Mobile Test app campaign.

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