BAMS – Bilateral Agreements Management System

The Bilateral Agreements Management System is a web application hosted by the UPU for designated operators (DOs) to centrally manage bilateral agreements. BAMS reflects the business agreement parameters agreed on between participants in the PosTransfer network. 

BAMS data is then used by the IT systems (UPU-IP and connected front-end systems) to ensure that postal payments are compliant with these parameters.

Main functionalities

Create new agreement request

Initiation of bilateral agreement request by the issuing postal payment operator 

Review created agreement requests

Revision of bilateral agreement requests created by the issuing operator: revise paying operator’s changes and feedback; consult and provide additional feedback; approve or cancel the request

Review received agreement requests

Revision of bilateral agreement requests proposed by other issuing operators: propose changes; provide feedback; approve or cancel the request


Automated e-mail notifications of operator’s requests for agreement on proposals and feedback

Export to XML

Ability to export bilateral agreement definition to XML format for integration into IFS system, not connected to the UPU-IP

Bilateral agreement negotiation

Using BAMS, operators that connect from their national system to the PosTransfer Network through the UPU Interconnection Platform (UPU-IP) can enter into contact with other active operators of the PPS network.

The central interface guides issuing operators in initiating the definition of their agreement parameters in conformity with the PPS Agreement and its Regulations, setting the operational arrangements for exchanges between DOs, before proposing them to their operator of exchange.

Each operator involved in the agreement request can examine and collaborate on this agreement definition by editing, validating, closing and pushing to production or cancelling bilateral agreement requests from its partners.

Bilateral agreement common repository

When both operators have approved one agreement request for production, the agreement definition is available continuously for their national system to collect the agreement parameters, including parameters for local use, such as enabled services and customer fees.

Their national system now has a common source to validate postal payment characteristics and to rapidly implement the results of the collaborative definition of new agreements.


  • Presentation detailing the key features, the latest enhancements, the concepts, and how to start using BAMS.
  • Document outlining all the features of the application, including Local administrator functions, Operator functions, and Power user functions.
  • version 1.03.002