FEIS - Financial Electronic Inquiry System

The Financial Electronic Inquiry System is a web application hosted by the UPU for designated operators (DOs) to centralize, secure and facilitate the creation, management and resolution of inquiries relating to international postal payments.

Main functionalities

Create, review and resolve inquires and claims

Initiation of postal payment inquiry or claim by either the issuing or paying operator; revision of opened inquiries and claims pending response. This system replaces MP 2 paper-based procedures.

Exchange of documents 

Even though FEIS was mainly developed to exchange customer-related information for postal payment services (PPS), such as inquiries and claims, it also enables the secure exchange of any other type of documents.

Report PKIs 

FEIS produces performance results for comparison against pre-defined metrics and standards (article RP 1902 of Postal Payment Services Regulations).

Agnostic system ready for use

FEIS is system-agnostic, meaning it is not connected directly to a DO's system, IFS Cloud or other, used for the processing of PPS. FEIS recovers information either from its own database or from integrated systems to facilitate and reduce manual data entry.

To use FEIS, only an Internet connection is needed. This enables the DO to either partly or fully centralize the use of FEIS through a call centre or customer care centre or grant access to its post offices directly.

FEIS is a component of the Supply Chain Integration System (SCIS), together with RAIS and PIMS. 


FEIS is free of charge for members of the Postal Payment Services User Group (PPSUG) and is available to all DOs. 

Designated operators can contact PPSUG@upu.int to request a demonstration or access to FEIS.