Union Postale Winter 2023/Spring 2024

In this issue of Union Postale, we celebrate the UPU’s important role in shaping the past, present
and future of postal services.

In our cover story, we look back to the historic decisions taken at the Riyadh Extraordinary Congress last October. We have gathered the perspectives of those working on these topics – increased engagement with the wider postal sector, new targets for climate action in the postal sector, the transformation of postal financial services, and a reinforced UPU budget – to understand what went into reaching consensus and what these decisions will mean for the years to come.

Our Extraordinary Congress also provided an opportunity for members to talk postal strategy at the highest level during a special Strategy Summit gathering ministers and postal CEOs. You can read their points of view on the sector’s future in a special feature.

In this edition we are also celebrating the launch of the UPU’s 150th anniversary celebrations. As you will read, we have opened our celebrations here in Berne with a special Historians’ Colloquium that brought together academics, philatelists and postal experts to review the making and maintaining of the single postal territory envisioned 150 years ago.

As always, we’ll also hear about the latest solutions available to UPU member countries and new developments taking place in posts around the world.
Union Postale Winter 2023/Spring 2024