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Keeping pace with a rapidly changing communications market, postal services are increasingly relying on new communication and information technologies to develop new products and services in order to meet higher customer expectations and to become more competitive.

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Latest postal solutions news

Swiss Post migrates its data to UPU Cloud

Swiss Post migrates its data to UPU Cloud


Swiss Post is the latest operator to move its International Postal System (IPS) software to the Cloud services operated by the UPU’s Postal Technology Center (PTC).

Press release: New UPU podcast tells the story behind the post


Berne, 12 May - The Universal Postal Union (UPU) announced today that it was joining forces with Ian Kerr, the founder of the Postal Hub Podcast, to produce a monthly podcast called Voice Mail.

UPU guide underscores value of postal social services for citizens and governments

UPU guide underscores value of postal social services for citizens and governments

30.04.2021In Cameroon, students living in remote areas could not easily access school textbooks, which were often sold at inflated prices. CAMPOST stepped in to sell the textbooks at the government-designated price. The margin allowed the post to cover its costs and make a profit.

Capacity building

The UPU assists its member countries, particularly developing countries, to develop their postal activities. Learn more about the UPU's capacity building initiatives.


As part of its TRAINPOST programme, the UPU develops postal training guides and materials for managers and instructors. Models are made available to course developers.

Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance Facility

The UPU's Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance Facility (FITAF) will provide Posts with the means necessary to fill this gap through the development of digitized postal financial services.

Addressing Assistance

The UPU assists countries to design and implement national projects aimed at developing and improving national addressing systems, including national standards, databases and tools.

Disaster Risk Management

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is inviting its members to submit applications for disaster risk management (DRM) technical assistance projects.