QCS Finance Big Data

QCS (Quality Control System) Finance is a web-based application hosted by the UPU to monitor the performance of the PosTransfer network.

Main functionalities

Monitor traffic/postal payment flows 

Ability to measure the traffic on the PosTransfer network and deliver online reports of different types (charts: pie, bar, trend or heat maps)

Track postal payments 

Ability to track a particular file, or a postal payment, or a particular postal payment event (status)

Measure performance 

Report on point-to-point performance (timeline between each tracking event)

Measure quality against standards 

Report on the quality of service standards set for the PosTransfer service

Automated report delivery and customization 

Ability to subscribe to automatic reports delivered by e-mail, or to design customized reports developed with PTC assistance, e.g. top 300 sending locations from the current designated operator (DO)

Big data advantages

The UPU big data platform offers the following advantages:

An indexed file system that can run over several machines, enabling massive amounts of data to be retrieved efficiently

Effective analysis of data files

Consolidation of data from different sources (EDI messages, log files)

Like QCS Mail, QCS Finance has been fully redesigned to be implemented on the UPU big data platform. QCS provides more than five years of online summaries and detailed reports on operator, regional and global performance.

Turnkey system

The QCS Finance is a centralized system which automatically consumes any exchange from the PosTransfer network (UPU-IP or EDI file exchanges), from/to connected networks (e.g. Eurogiro). It does not require any integration with, or development of, the DO’s systems.

To use QCS Finance, only an Internet connection is necessary. Upon request, the UPU grants access to users within the DO to perform various analyses (service efficiency and accessibility, development of service over time, etc.) 


QCS Finance is free of charge for members of the Postal Payment Services User Group, and is available to all DOs. 

Designated operators can contact PPSUG@upu.int to request more information on, or customization of, QCS Finance.