EAD Customs Declarations app

The easiest way to prepare your Customs declarations
(Development financed by the QSF Common Fund)

EAD Customs Declarations app provides mail items’ electronically advanced data capture, transmitting it to Postal operators and Customs.

Replacing CN22/CN23 paper forms enables customs authorities to use the electronic information for expedited clearance, in conformity with their national laws.

EAD Customs Declarations app is available on the Google play store and the Apple app store.

Main functionalities

  • Create customs declarations (CN23)
  • Sender and Recipient information
  • Content Pieces details
  • Associated Documents
  • HS Tariff Codes lookup
  • Alert of Restrictions / Prohibitions
  • Dangerous Goods information
  • Localizable
  • Search submitted and pending declarations

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General terms and conditions

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