Union Postale No. 2 2022

Digitization is our overarching theme for this edition of Union Postale.
Our cover story is an ode to .POST, the top-level domain sponsored by the UPU exclusively for the postal sector, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022. .POST has been a key component in the UPU’s work to bring the Post to the forefront as an essential component of the digital economy. Union Postale spoke with the key players behind the domain to reflect on its beginnings and look towards its future.
Throughout this issue of our magazine, our readers will find updates on the UPU’s work towards digitization – from the organization’s successful participation in the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) to a webinar zeroing in on bridging the digital divide in small island developing states. Tunisian Post CEO Sami Mekki also enlightens readers on the Post’s push for digital transformation.
A key component in the work towards digitization is partnership. The UPU has recently opened a new channel for collaboration with the wider postal sector through its Consultative Committee. Union Postale garnered insight on the opening from Consultative Committee Chair Walter Trezek and Secretary Alexander Thern-Svanberg.
We cannot look to the digital future of our sector without looking at its past. This issue’s “Post from the Past” maps the Post’s transformation journey throughout the centuries, taking stock of its adaptability and drive to innovate.
This edition we have continued our regional focus, sharing news briefs from across the African region.
Union Postale No. 2 2022