PTC Enrollment 

The PTC Enrollment suite manages the enrollment process of client devices in order to secure access to UPU Postal Technology Centre (PTC) applications.


Built-in common tool for securing PTC products 

Complementary tools suite to secure access to different UPU products (websites and APIs).

Device enrollment harmonization 

Similar enrollment process, regardless of device type – workstation, mobile or server – and regardless of the PTC product in use.

Main functionalities

Request and retrieve authorization from client devices 

Full tools suite (Windows or Android-based) to request enrollment from different device types (workstation, mobile, server), to retrieve and host certificates securing access to PTC products.

Deliver designated operator (DO) authorization

Secured user interface for each DO enrollment manager to manage and trace enrollment requests for their operator.

Control securing of PTC products’ accesses 

Set of background infrastructure: web services API and certificate authority infrastructure to securely distribute certificates and enable automated checks of certificate validity from PTC products.