Postal Payment Services User Group

The Postal Payment Services User Group (PPSUG) was established with a view to ensuring, within the worldwide electronic postal payment networks, the continuing focus and degree of responsiveness required for the development of quality products and services in a highly competitive and dynamic payment services market environment.

The PPSUG operates within the remit of Committee 4 of the Postal Operations Council.


PPSUG members are able to enhance their electronic postal payment services and benefit from:

  • The PosTransfer trademark; more information
  • Adoption of the PPS Multilateral agreement;
  • Projects on quality of service implementation based on the Quality of Service standards;
  • An automated Clearing & Settlement, known as PPS*Clearing; more information
  • The development of new technologies.

PPSUG - Key documents

  • Multilateral Agreement
  • Quality of Service Standards
  • Operational Guide
  • PPSUG Rules of Procedure

PosTransfer network & associated services

The PosTransfer network is the UPU network for postal payment services.

The PPSUG has contributed to:
  • the finalization of the PPS Operational Guide,
  • the update of the PPS Multilateral Agreement and PPS AML/CFT rules,
  • the deployment of the UPU’s collective PosTransfer trademark,
  • the establishment of PPS quality of service standards,
  • and the implementation of the PPS e-Compendium and the Financial Electronic Inquiry System (FEIS) relating to postal payments.

The package of available software tools enables postal operators to offer electronic postal payment services with state-of-the-art guarantees to secure payments between operators and protect the interests of consumers, senders and beneficiaries alike.
These services are complemented by the UPU’s PosTransfer trademark and a set of additional tools for business and quality support.

Designated operators members of the PPSUG

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Dominican Republic
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Dominican Republic
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