PosTransfer app

The easiest way to prepare
your international postal payments
(Development financed by the UPU Postal Payment Services User Group – PPSUG)

PosTransfer operators can publish the PosTransfer app to enable their customers to prepare their international cash transfers before going to the post office.

Once they have finished entering the data, customers receive a temporary code. This code links to a draft PosTransfer stored in a central repository. 

The customer then goes to the post office and gives the counter staff the code to retrieve the draft PosTransfer. Once the required checks have been carried out by the post office staff, the draft is converted to a PosTransfer. This saves considerable time at the counter, and reduces the risk of mistakes (such as misspelled names or addresses).


Main functions

Pre-fill function

  • Consult the international cash transfer services offered by the local PosTransfer operator
  • Accurately assess the costs and services offered by the PosTransfer operator (possible destinations, fees and exchange rates)
  • Pre-fill the required PosTransfer data for sending cash to a recipient, saving time at the counter thanks to a short code which automatically retrieves the data

My PosTransfers function

  • Retrieve the pre-filled information and code allocated to each previously created PosTransfer
  • Defer transmission of the information if no Internet connection is available when the data is captured; the draft PosTransfer data is considered pending until the user goes online

Other functions

  • View legal information (privacy, terms and conditions), app details and support contacts specific to the PosTransfer operator
  • English and French localization (other languages can be added on request)

PosTransfer app deployment project

The PosTransfer app can be used with or without the IFS Cloud system.

The app is customizable to match the visual identity and preferences of each PosTransfer operator: 

  • Reflect your identity: the logo can be adapted to reflect the identity of the PosTransfer operator 
  • Reflect any legal requirements: the legal text can be adapted to reflect any legal requirements (GTC, data protection and privacy policy) of the PosTransfer operator, as well as product information
  • Add your local support details: contact details of the local support team can be added, as well as addi­tional text describing the procedures for providing end users with technical support and assistance 
  • Localization: the app is fully localizable (currently available in English and French, with the possibility of extension to other languages)

This is the first version of the PosTransfer app. It may also form part of integration projects with operators’ national systems with a view to extending the functionalities.

How do we get started?

Designated operators can contact to request a demonstration of the PosTransfer app or get started with a deployment project.

Deployment guide & promotional material

General terms and conditions

  • General Terms and Conditions for UPU mobile applications
    These GTC shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties, and shall supersede any and all other previous agreements, arrangements and/or understandings, whether written or oral, between the Parties.