Each episode of Voice Mail offers a postal story from around the world.  We will speak to the people who deliver the mail, the decision makers that influence the sector, and those who work so hard behind the scenes to help things move from A to B. Through personal reflection, anecdotes and insights, we will look at how the post forms an essential part of the United Nations and its efforts to support sustainable development.

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Episode 7: With multilateralism at its core

Voice Mail is concluding its debut year with an interview with Pascal Clivaz, outgoing UPU Deputy Director General and one of the youngest senior executives in the history of the organization. Drawing on the decades of postal leadership, the conversation offers an exclusive outlook at the future viability of the Union, its biggest challenges, evolving role and positioning, as well as the state of global postal development and postal business models that work. Amid pervasive transformations, it seems that one factor remains key for the success of the postal sector – an approach that is based on dialogue, inclusion and mutual respect.

Episode 6: Protecting the mail, protecting the public

Mail security is paramount. In the era of booming e-commerce and the escalating rates of cybercrime, more than ever, postal customers expect that the mail they bring to their homes is safe and protected. Just as the UPU Postal Security Group (PSG) has awarded its first PSG Chairman Award and as it intensifies its worldwide efforts to prioritize mail security, Ian Kerr spoke to Gary R. Barksdale, Chief Postal Inspector at the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and UPU PSG Chairman, about the work of the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency, the critical role of prevention and timely reporting, and the ways to improve security levels on both the postal and the consumer sides.

Episode 5: Advance data for advanced quality – seizing the digital era

What is electronic advance data and why is it so crucial for global e-commerce? On this special episode of Voice Mail, recorded at Parcel&Post Expo in Vienna, Austria, Ian Kerr talked to three UPU experts about keeping pace with the digital era and collecting high-quality data for the benefit of customers and the environment. Open UPU, postal digital transformation, electronic advance data, cross-border e-commerce and green deal – all these essential topics explained by postal leaders on the special edition of Voice Mail – live from Vienna.

The episode features:

·      Pascal Clivaz, UPU Deputy Director General

·      Walter Trezek, Chair of the UPU Consultative Committee

·      David Avsec, Account Relations and Product Management Coordinator, UPU Postal Technology Centre

Episode 4: The future is circular

While the world is rapidly approaching COP26, Voice Mail’s host Ian Kerr asked Stephan Sicars, Managing Director of the Environment and Energy Directorate, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), what circular economy means for the planet and our finite resources, how it affects global trade and how global logistical chains can be used by posts to trigger change. From wasting less to generating revenue and protecting peace – the plenty of opportunities offered to us by circular economy in the new episode of Voice Mail.

Episode 3: Abidjan Special

As the world is preparing for the 27th Universal Postal Congress in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, we have asked Mr. Isaac Gnamba-Yao, CEO of La Poste de Côte d'Ivoire, about the role of the Post, the impact of the Congress, postal innovations and postal vision 2030. What is needed for the Post to drive digital transformation in the country? How to reach the biggest and the most progressive part of the population – the youth? All this and much more in the 3rd episode of Voice Mail – Abidjan special. 

Episode 2: Why is the postage stamp still relevant?

From Penny Black to crypto stamps – for over 180 years, postage stamps have been driving the incessant enthusiasm of thousands of collectors and historians around the world. An essential element of postal communications, historical artefacts and works of art – what makes this little piece of paper so attractive and relevant? In the new episode of Voice Mail, Dr Cheryl Ganz, Smithsonian Curator of Philately Emerita and the author of numerous philatelic books, articles and publications, reveals the story behind the reboot of the National Postal Museum, and reflects on the role and the physical and digital future of postal museums and philately.

Episode 1. The story behind the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine 

What is the story behind the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine? Thomas Ellmann, Vice-President, Life Sciences and Healthcare at Deutsche Post DHL Group, talks to Ian Kerr on the first episode of Voice Mail. He discusses how the group supports distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the sheer magnitude of this global project. Mr. Ellmann describes the technology and infrastructure developed specifically for distributing the coronavirus vaccine, including the need to ensure low temperatures.

Transcript of Episode 1