Digital Services

Digitalization and digital transformation of postal services has become a strategic priority as the digital economy is expanding.  Postal operators worldwide are implementing new technologies to modernize, diversify and adapt services to customer demand.

According to UPU research, over 93% of Posts provide some form of digital postal services either directly or in partnership with other companies. From basic digital postal services such as online track and trace, e-post through to e-government and e-commerce services such as digital identities, national marketplaces, e-payments and e-logistics, innovation continues at pace.


The .POST internet top-level domain, managed by the UPU, protects and promotes the postal sector in cyberspace.


The UPU has approved security policy recommendations in order reduce the incidence of domain hijacking, phishing and spoofing in the postal sector.

Research and publications

Insights into the digital transformation of postal services, from regular research to measure and monitor the latest digital developments in the sector.

eTrade for All

eTrade-for-all is a collaborative UN wide multi-stakeholder effort to scale up cooperation, transparency and aid-efficiency for inclusive e-commerce.


ICT4development and SDGs

The postal sector is a key element of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) which oversees the development of the Information Society.

UPU Secure E-services Framework

The UPU has developed a range of tools and legal instruments for countries interested to link their national e-services into the international digital postal network – a single territory allowing the circulation of secure communication services around the globe.

Digital Readiness for E-commerce (DRE)

The UPU aims to ensure the digital readiness of Posts for seamless cross-border e-commerce, aligning the Post’s e-commerce strategy with government digital strategies and using the UPU digital enablers to provide all citizens with simple, reliable digital access to postal services.

E-Learning Course on TRAINPOST

A complete training package on Electronic Postal Services is also available on the Trainpost platform.